Mick Box is a charter founder of Uriah Heep and has long been the mainstay and inspiration of the band. It has existed with many lineup changes including the classic lineup of Mick Box, David Byron, Ken Hensley, Lee Kerslake, and Gary Thain. And for over 50 years, all lineups have adhered to a classic Uriah Heep sound and delivery. Among classic albums from the band, there are Demons & Wizards, Sweet Freedom, Wonderworld, The Magician’s Birthday, and Return To Fantasy. But there are currently 24 albums to their prized catalog, and all bring a classic style to the front. What’s not to love?

On January 27 of 2023, Uriah Heep will release their 25th set, Chaos & Colour via Silver Lining Music. The new album will feature 11 new songs. One of them – “Save Me Tonight” – is currently in release as a single (and can be viewed and heard below in the YouTube video). There will be a bonus demo track found on the Deluxe edition of the album of “Save Me Tonight”. The LP edition will be stripped of two CD and DD tracks (“Age Of Changes”, “Closer To Your Dreams”) in order for proper fitting of tracks.

Chaos & Colour will be made available on CD, DD, Deluxe CD in hardcover book and packed with a signature patch, and two versions of vinyl LP. One of them will be standard black vinyl, and the other will be Trans-Lime color Indie-press on 250g-weight vinyl. Pre-ordering can be accessed here.

Chaos & ColourUriah Heep
01 Save Me Tonight
02 Silver Sunlight
03 Hail the Sunrise
04 Age of Changes
05 Hurricane
06 One Nation, One Sun
07 Golden Light
08 You’ll Never Be Alone
09 Fly Like an Eagle
10 Freedom to Be Free
11 Closer to Your Dreams
12 Save Me Tonight (Demo)

By MARowe