Hoshiko Yamane is a violinist with a membership in the ambient band, Tangerine Dream. Tangerine Dream is itself a uniquely fluid ensemble since the beginning as an always morphing lineup. It’s most popular lineup was during the Virgin Years with Peter Baumann, Edgar Froese, and Christopher Franke. But as the band evolved so did its members. Hoshiko has been with the innovative unit since 2011 and is classically trained and highly expert in the instrument of violin. Aside from TD, she has released collaboration albums and solo efforts. She is to be recognized for the talent that she is.

On March 3 of 2023, Hoshiko Yamane will release her newest solo album, Reflections, via 1631 Recordings. The new album will feature 13 tunes, all recorded with a string ensemble. A video from her previous album (Threads – 2018) is available below as an introduction or as a moment of meditative beauty.

Reflections will be released on CD, DD, and later in the month of March, vinyl LP. The LP will feature 11 tracks. “Your Voice” is available as a single from the new album and can be enjoyed at Bandcamp (here). Two complete tracks can be enjoyed at the pre-order link (here).

ReflectionsHoshiko Yamane
01 A Daily Unreality
02 Your Voice
03 Prayer
04 One Little White Lie
05 Beside You
06 Trompe – L’œil
07 Patiently
08 Boundaries With Others
09 Within You, Within Me
10 Ambivalence
11 Fuga
12 Just As You Are
13 I am…

By MARowe