David Bowie is a timeless icon of several generations of music. From his late ’60s beginnings on through to his final release in 2016 [Blackstar], Bowie (even his last name is iconic) moved through genres and types of music like a butterfly morphing from his caterpillar stage.  For those that discovered him at his early period (I came in on The Man Who Sold The World after a Rolling Stone review). His Hunky Dory album sported an intriguing painted-like cover and back side that hinted at what David would soon become in style and appearance. Hunky Dory even had pre-Yes keyboardist, Rick Wakeman, who was credited as Richard Wakeman. Hunky Dory contained the classic Bowie tune, “Changes”.

On November 25, the deep revisitiations of David Bowie will continue with A Divine Symmetry: The Journey To Hunky Dory. It will explore the pool of music created by Bowie and his band that yielded the 1971 classic in demo form, BBC Sessions, and other recordings, singles, and alternate versions. As such, it is an elaborate 4CD/BD completionist box that sits next to Hunky Dory as it does not contain the original album (although it should have).

The Blu-ray disc has the collection in hi-resolution stereo, and includes an alternate assembly of Hunky Dory called An Alternative Journey Through Hunky Dory. A 100-page hardbound book, and a 60-page notebook replica is packed in. Many of the tracks are previously unreleased. An LP extract will follow early in 2023.

A Divine Symmetry: The Journey To Hunky DoryDavid Bowie

CD1 (The Songwriting Demos Plus)
01. Tired Of My Life (demo)
02. How Lucky You Are (aka Miss Peculiar) (demo)
03. Shadow Man (demo)
04. Looking For A Friend (demo)
05. Waiting For The Man (San Francisco hotel recording)
06. Quicksand (San Francisco hotel recording)
07. King Of The City (demo)
08. Song For Bob Dylan (demo)
09. Right On Mother (demo)
10. Quicksand (demo)
11. Queen Bitch (demo)
12. Kooks (demo)
13. Amsterdam (demo)
14. Life On Mars? (demo)
Bonus Acetate Dubs
15. Changes (demo)
16. Bombers (demo)

CD2 (BBC John Peel Sessions)
David Bowie and Friends [MONO]
01. Queen Bitch
02. Bombers
03. The Supermen
04. Looking For A Friend
05. Almost Grown
06. Kooks
07. Song For Bob Dylan
08. Andy Warhol
09. It Ain’t Easy
David Bowie and Friends [STEREO]
10. Queen Bitch
11. The Supermen
12. Looking For A Friend
13. Kooks
14. Song For Bob Dylan
15. Andy Warhol
16. It Ain’t Easy

CD3 (BBC Radio Session and Live)
01. The Supermen
02. Oh! You Pretty Things
03. Eight Line Poem
04. Kooks
05. Fill Your Heart
06. Amsterdam
07. Andy Warhol
08. Introduction
09. Fill Your Heart
10. Buzz The Fuzz
11. Space Oddity
12. Amsterdam
13. The Supermen
14. Oh! You Pretty Things
15. Eight Line Poem
16. Changes
17. Song For Bob Dylan
18. Andy Warhol
19. Looking For A Friend
20. Round And Round
21. Waiting For The Man

CD4 (Alternative Mixes/Singles/Alternative Versions)
01. Oh! You Pretty Things
02. Eight Line Poem
03. Kooks
04. Queen Bitch
05. Quicksand
06. Bombers  (Andy Warhol Intro)
07. Lightning Frightening (aka The Man)
08. Amsterdam (Early Mix)
09. Changes (MONO Single single)
10. Andy Warhol (MONO Single)
11. Amsterdam (B-Side Single Mix)
12. Life On Mars? (2016 mix)
13. Changes (Alternative Mix – 2021)
14. Life On Mars? (Original Ending Version)
15. Quicksand (Early Version – 2021 Mix))
16. Fill Your Heart (Alternative Mix – 2021)
17. Bombers (Alternative Mix – 2021)
18. Song For Bob Dylan (Alternative Mix – 2021)
19. The Bewlay Brothers (Alternative Mix – 2021)

All PCM Stereo 96kHz/24bit except ‘Life On Mars?’ (2016 mix):
DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 and PCM Stereo 96kHz/24bit

By MARowe