The main locations for Steve Howe are found in his affiliations with Yes, Asia, GTR, and ABWH. But his solo work has also been of great interest to many fans of Steve’s guitar prowess. Back in 2017, Steve Howe released an album with his son, Virgil Howe. Unfortunately, Virgil passed away just prior to its release. 

On September 23, Steve Howe will revisit the musical relationship by releasing a new album from the pair. There happened to be a few finished tracks by Virgil in the can with more that were works in progress. Steve hunkered down and fleshed out the unfinished works and decided to gather them for a new release to be called Lunar Mist. The album cover features a painting by Virgil Howe‘s daughter.

Lunar Mist will be issued on CD, DD, and 180g-weight black vinyl LP. A limited edition CD digipak will be available as well. You can hear the original finished song of “Lunar Mist” below. This is the track that captured Steve Howe‘s attention for this new tribute release.

Lunar Mist Virgil & Steve Howe
01 Lunar Mist
02 More Than You Know
03 Plexus
04 Mariah’s Theme 
05 A Month In The Sun
06 As If Between 
07 Never Less 
08 Lothian’s Way 
09 Free Spirit
10 Eternal 
11 Dirama
12 Pinnacle 
13 Pagoda 
14 Martian Mood 

By MARowe