Warren Zevon has been gone from us for almost a full twenty years. That’s hard to believe even as we zip along in space at break-neck speeds. But his legacy remains as strong as ever within those 20 years of the passage of time. His 12 studio albums were created from a relatively short period (1969-2003), with a peak period of 1978 through 1987.

On June 24, New West Records will re-release a collection of rare and previously unreleased demos and outtakes from Warren Zevon on 2 forms of vinyl 2LPs. As the story goes, after Warren passed, his son discovered a touring case filled with recordings – 126 of ’em! This collection was poignantly called Preludes, originally released in 2007.

Preludes contains the best outtakes and demos from that massive collection of tracks. 

Preludes will be issued on 2LP (standard black vinyl), and 2LP Limited Edition New West Exclusive on 150g-weight Gold Galaxy colored vinyl. The vinyl sets will pack in a truncated 20-page book snipped from the original 44-page books.

Preludes: Rare and Unreleased Recordings Warren Zevon

Side A
01 Empty Hearted Town
02 Steady Rain
03 Join Me In L.A.
04 Hasten Down The Wind
05 Werewolves Of London
06 Tule’s Blues
07 The French Inhaler

Side B
01 Going All The Way
02 Poor Poor Pitiful Me
03 Studebaker
04 Accidentally Like A Martyr
05 Carmelita
06 I Used To Ride So High
07 Stop Rainin’ Lord
08 Back In The Highlife

Side C
01 The Rosarita Beach Café
02 Desperados Under The Eaves
03 Workin’ Man’s Pay
04 Frozen Notes
05 Some Kind Of Rider
06 I Was In The House When The House Burned Down
07 Don’t Let Us Get Sick (Solo Acoustic)

Side D
01 Warren Speaks On Songwriting And The Early Days Of His Career (7:14)
02 Musings On Mortality, Song Noir, Religion In His Music And The King Of Rock N’ Roll (5:07)
03 A Chat About The Producers Of “Life’ll Kill Ya”, The Album’s Stark Sound And Other Singers Covering 04 His Songs (5:09)
05 His Take On Steve Winwood’s Classic, The Split Personality, Images And Inspirations In His Compositions (3:58)
06 His feelings about the Rhino Records 2 CD anthology of his work, the size of his audience, having his music used on TV shows and movies, acting, performing and the response to “Don’t Let Us Get Sick” (5:18)

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