Babe Ruth (no, not the baseball player), was a short-lived UK band whose peak period lasted only four years. Through that time, they produced five studio albums. They delivered their music mostly through Harvest Records, the home of Pink Floyd at the time. Their style was hard rock, and they enjoyed an appeal to the Canadian and US markets more so than they did in their UK homebase. Their music was good and deserving of the attention they received.

On June 24, the UK label, Esoteric Recordings continue their investigation of obscure bands with a 3CD clamshell boxed set for Babe Ruth, called Darker Than Blue: The Harvest Years 1972-1975. Harvest issued their first three recorded sets (Capitol Records handled their remaining two peak-era albums). The Harvest-era albums set features 31 newly remastered tracks (from original analog tapes). The box will include a small collection single edits as bonus tracks. A booklet of good stuff will add heft to the set.

Darker Than Blue: The Harvest Years 1972-1975Babe Ruth

CD1 (First Base – 1972)
01 Wells Fargo
02 The Runaways
03 King Kong
04 Black Dog
05 The Mexican (Interpolating Per Qualche Dollaro in Piu)
06 Joker
Bonus Tracks
07 Wells Fargo (Single Version)
08 Theme from a Few Dollars More (Single B-Side)
09 Ain’t That Livin’ (Single A-Side)
10 We Are Holding on (Single B-Side)

CD2 (Amar Caballero – 1973
01 Lady
02 Broken Cloud
03 Gimmie Some Leg
04 Baby Pride
05 Cool Jerk
06 We Are Holding on
07 Doctor Love
08 Amar Caballero
09 El Caballero de la Reina Isabella
10 Hombre de la Guitarra
11 Testament de ‘Amelia
Bonus Track
12 If Heaven’s on Beauty’s Side (Single A-Side)

CD3 (Babe Ruth – 1975)
01 Dancer
02 Somebody’s Nobody
03 A Fistful of Dollars
04 We People Darker Than Blue
05 Jack O’Lantern
06 Private Number
07 Turquoise
08 Sad But Rich
09 The Duchess of Orleans
Bonus Track
10 Private Number (Single Version)

By MARowe