Lovespirals has been in its present incarnation for 20 years with five studio sets on the shelves. (Lovespirals evolved from Love Spirals Downward, itself with a collection of albums.) With Anji Bee at vocals, they deliver a sunnier approach to life and its wonders. It’s been some four years since we’ve heard from the duo.

Recently, Lovespirals released a 3-track EP to help fill in the gap. The new set features “Smile”, “Why Not Today”, and “Down Low”. The new EP is titled Smile, and represents an exploration of different sounds in an appreciation acquired by South Korean Indie Pop.

Smile retains the signature Lovespirals sound of jazz, rock, and bluesy melodies, but delves into some bit of psychedelic with “Why Not Today”, altogether welcome. It’s electric with a hint of blues tucked into it. “Smile” and “Down Low” both provide a familiar jazzy but moody approach to societal thought. All three tracks reveal that Lovespirals is still innovative and altogether ethereal but with blends of newer styles.

The songs on Smile showcase Lovespirals in their newest setting, and a welcomed one at that.

By MARowe