You cannot get through any history of the early ’70s and Pop radio without briging up the short but sweet Top 5 singles career that he enjoyed for a brief time. But his singles (that include “Alone Again (Naturally)”, “Clair”, “Get Down”, and “Out of the Question”) are as remembered today (often sneaking into your mind at times) as they were appreciated during their time of ascendency. Over his time, Gilbert O’Sullivan released 19 studio albums, the last in 2018.

On July 22, Gilbert O’Sullivan will release his newest album – Driven. It will hold thirteen new songs with “Take Love” preceding the album as its first single, (“Take Love” will feature guest artist, KT Tunstall).  Gilbert O’Sullivan will be touring Ireland and the US to support this new release.

Driven will be released on CD, DD, and two versions of vinyl LP (standard black, clear).

DrivenGilbert O’Sullivan
01 Love Casualty
02 Blue Anchor Bay
03 Let Bygones Be Bygones (Featuring Mick Hucknall)
04 Body And Mind
05 What Are You Waiting For
06 Let Me Know
07 Take Love (Featuring KT Tunstall)
08 Back And Forth
09 If Only Love Had Ears
10 You Can’t Say I Didn’t Try
11 You And Me Babe
12 Hey Man
13 Don’t Get Under Each Other’s Skin

By MARowe