Since the debut release of Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret by the duo of Marc Almond and Dave Ball, AKA Soft Cell, the band had jumped into Platinum territory. Issued in 1981, the album provided “Tainted Love” as the band’s legacy song, but followed it up with two excellent tunes – “Say Hello, Wave Goodbye”, and “Bedsitter”, all right out of the box. Soft Cell produced three more albums before calling it quits. They returned with a fifth album in 2002.

On May 06, Soft Cell returns with their new album, *Happiness Not Included. It will feature 12 new songs, one of which is currently in release to herald the upcoming album. That track, “Bruises On My Illusions” can be heard below.

*Happiness Not Included will be released on CD, Deluxe Hardback CD, CS, DD, and two colors of vinyl LP – black, and separately available yellow vinyl. Soft Cell will also issue a picture disc LP for collectors.

*Happiness Not IncludedSoft Cell
01 Happy Happy
02 Polaroid
03 Bruises On My Illusions
04 Purple Zone
05 Heart Like Chernobyl
06 Light Sleepers
07 Happiness Not Included
08 Nostalgia Machine
09 Nighthawks
10 I’m Not a Friend of God
11 Tranquiliser
12 New Eden

By MARowe