Marissa Nadler released her first album back in 2004. It wasn’t long before she found the ears of many fans and the interest of a record label to mass-release her albums. The composition style of Marissa Nadler is a dream-folk with melancholy a liberal ingredient into her unique style. With songs like “Drive”, “All The Colors Of The Dark”, “Janie In Love” and others, she has steadily built her fanbase with each release. Her last album was For My Crimes (2018), and a collaborative album with Stephen BrodskyDroneflower (2019).

On October 29, Marissa Nadler returns with a new album, The Path Of The Clouds. It will present 11 new songs, one of which is currently in release. “Bessie, Did You Make It?” (hear below). I’m pleased to say that Amber Webber (Black Mountain/Lightning Dust) joins in on a track.

The Path Of The Clouds will be released on CD, DD (MP3/WAV/FLAC), and several versions of 180g-weight vinyl LP that include Limited Edition Silver (comes with a 12″ x 12″ signed print) and White vinyl, Opaque White vinyl, Coke Bottle Clear, Light Blue Splatter, all with availability pegged at 500 copies each. A more Limited Edition Vinyl LP will feature Clear with Fruit Punch Galaxy colors with only 150 copies available for Sacred Bones Record Society members (here). Standard Black vinyl LP is available. Each LP comes with MP3 DD rights.

The Path Of The CloudsMarissa Nadler

01 Bessie, Did You Make It?
02 The Path Of The Clouds
03 Couldn’t Have Done The Killing
04 If I could Breathe Underwater
05 Elegy
06 Well sometimes You Just Can’t Stay
07 From Vapor To Stardust
08 Storm
09 Turned Into Air
10 And I Dream Of Running
11 Lemon Queen

By MARowe