The War On Drugs has become a worldwide success as a band. Since their debut in 2008 with Wagonwheel Blues, they have steadily climbed the heap until they achieved best-selling status with their third album – Lost In The Dream. That album generated interest around the world selling over 350,000 copies in the US, achieving Gold in the UK, and charting everywhere a chart can be seen. Their last album, A Deeper Understanding, was released back in 2017. It received the Grammy Award for Best Rock Album in 2018. So it’s been a while for this Philly-based band.

On October 29, The War On Drugs ends their music drought with the release of their next album, I Don’t Live Here Anymore. The album features ten new songs, one of which is currently released as the album’s first single – “Living Proof” (hear below). 

I Don’t Live Here Anymore promises to be more of the greatness we’ve come to expect from The War On Drugs. If the new single is any indicator, we will not be disappointed. I Don’t Live Here Anymore will be released on CD, DD, Cassette, and vinyl LP. A Limited Edition 2LP Red Marble Vinyl Edition is available. Pre-orders here.

I Don’t Live Here AnymoreThe War On Drugs
01 Living Proof
02 Harmonia’s Dream
03 Change
04 I Don’t Wanna Wait
05 Victim
06 I Don’t Live Here Anymore
07 Old Skin
08 Wasted
09 Rings Around My Father’s Eyes
10 Occasional Rain

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