Kool and The Gang, although an early band started back in the early ’60s achieved their monumental musical fame in the disco era of the ’70s. Music was in a change and one of the bands that excelled at their craft for this era was the NJ band. Much of the original band still plays as Kool and The Gang (Ronald Bell passed in 2020). Today, there is barely a wedding where “Celebration” isn’t played. Also on their hits parade are notable songs like “Jungle Boogie”, and “Ladies’ Night”.

On August 20, Kool and The Gang return with a brand new album, Perfect Union. This is being released some 20+ years after their last studio album, Still Kool issued in 2007. (They released Kool For The Holidays in 2013, with 8 traditional holiday songs, and six originals.)  The releasing label – Ru-Jac –  is a off-shoot of the Omnivore label. 

Perfect Union will feature ten new original songs from the band including a rap version of “Pursuit Of Happiness”, also found as different version on the new album. Perfect Union will release on CD and DD.

Perfect UnionKool and The Gang
01 Pursuit of Happiness
02 The Weekend
03 Leave It On The Dance Floor
04 High
05 Sexy (Where’d You Get Yours)
06 All To Myself
07 R.O.Y.A.L.T.Y. (Kool & The Gang Mix)
08 Hold On
09 Good Time
10 Pursuit Of Happiness (Rap Version)

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