In the late ’80s and early ’90s, Richard Marx enjoyed immense success right out of the gate with his multi-million selling self-titled debut for EMI Manhattan Records. From that album came the hits, “Don’t Mean Nothing”, “Should’ve Known Better”, “Have Mercy”, “Endless Summer Nights”, and “Hold On To The Nights”. Yes, five singles – four of which reached the Top Three of Billboard charts for the Hot 100. He continues that success with an even better-selling album, Repeat Offender, which generated five more singles that included “Right Here Waiting”, and “Satisfied”.

Richard Marx has a memoir – Stories To Tell – arriving from Simon & Schuster remembering his song-writing years. It is scheduled for release on July 6. To add to the occasion of the book release, BMG will release a companion 2CD package filled with not only his hits, but also a collection of live tracks, demos, and later tracks including a brand new song, “Crazy”. The 2CD collection is called Stories To Tell: Greatest Hits and More. It will contain 27 tracks in all. Stories To Tell: Greatest Hits and More will be released on July 2, just ahead of the book.

Stories To Tell: Greatest Hits and MoreRichard Marx

01 Don’t Mean Nothing
02 Should’ve Known Better
03 Endless Summer Nights
04 Hold On to the Nights
05 Satisfied
06 Right Here Waiting
07 Angelia
08 Keep Coming Back
09 Hazard
10 Way She Loves Me
11 Through My Veins
12 Whatever We Started
13 Eyes On Me
14 When You Loved Me
15 Another One Down

01 Should’ve Known Better  (Demo – 1984)
02 Endless Summer Nights  (Demo – 1984)
03 Edge of a Broken Heart  (Live -1989)
04 Arrow Through My Heart  (Demo – 1988)
05 Right Here Waiting  (Demo – 1988)
06 Hazard  (Demo – 1991)
07 Better Life  (Live – 2012)
08. Crazy  (New – 2021)
09 This I Promise You (2002)
10 To Where You Are  (Live – 2010)
11 Dance With My Father  (2018)
12 Take Me Down  (2019)

By MARowe