Psychedelia was rampant in the late ’60s, and not just in the US. The UK got into the wide-spreading movement with their own sounds and explorations. One of the UK bands was a Folk/Rock quintet that left behind a short legacy with only two albums on the CBS label and did not enjoy a US release of either. That band was Trees. If you heard them back in the early ’70s, then you were European, or if in the US, then you listened to FM radio heavily and way deep into the night. Nevertheless, Trees were a great listen. The vocals of Celia Humphris left an indelible mark, the kind of vocal style that can be heard in many current indie female artists. I haven’t heard the band or the name since the early ’70s so this issue surprised me…and excited me.

On November 15, Earth Recordings (UK) will release a 4CD Book Box, a 4LP vinyl Box, and a complete 4CD/4LP Box. The Trees 50th Anniversary set is also planned for DD issue, as well as bundles found on their Bandcamp page (here).

The Box presents Trees two CBS album remastered, and two discs of collected demos, live recordings, “lost” demos, BBC sessions, and two live tracks from the Celia Humphris-led Trees in 2018. The box includes remixes from the Sony 2007 reissues. Additionally, an informative and picture-laden 12″ booklet is packed in to complete the visit with Trees.

Trees 50th Anniversary BoxTrees
CD1/LP1 (The Garden of Jane Delawney [1970])
01 Nothing Special
02 The Great Silkie
03 The Garden Of Jane Delawney
04 Lady Margaret
05 Glasgerion
06 She Moved Thro’ The Fair
07 Road
08 Epitaph
09 Snail’s Lament
Bonus Tracks
10 She Moved Thro’ The Fair (Demo Version)
11 Pretty Dolly (Demo Version)
12 Black Widow
13 Little Black Cloud (Suite)

CD2/LP2 (On The Shore [1971])
01 Soldiers Three
02 Murdoch
03 Streets Of Derry
04 Sally Free And Easy
05 Fool
06 Adam’s Toon
07 Geordie
08 While The Iron Is Hot
09 Little Sadie
10 Polly On The Shore
Bonus Tracks
11 Soldiers Three (Remix)
12 Murdoch (Remix)
13 Streets Of Derry (Remix)
14 Fool (Remix)
15 Geordie (Remix)
16 Little Sadie (Remix)
17 Polly On The Shore (Remix)
18 Forest Fire (Original 1971 BBC Recording)
19 Little Black Cloud (1970 Demo)

CD3/LP3 (Demos/Remixes)
01 Soldiers Three (Remix 2007)
02 Murdoch (Remix 2007)
03 Streets Of Derry (Remix 2007)
04 Geordie (Remix 2007)
05 Polly On The Shore (Remix 2007)
06 Fool (Remix 2007)
07 Polly On The Shore (Demo 1970)
08 Streets Of Derry (Demo 1970)
09 She Moved Thro’ The Fair (Demo 1969)
10 Pretty Polly (Demo 1969)

CD4/LP4 (BBC Sessions/Live)
01 The Great Silkie (BBC 1970)
02 Soldiers Three (BBC 1970)
03 Little Black Cloud (Demo 1969)
04 Forest Fire (BBC 1970)
05 She Moved Thro’ The Fair (Live at Cafe Oto 2018)
06 Murdoch (Live at Cafe Oto 2018)
07 Black Widow (2007)
08 Little Black Cloud Suite (2007)

With Trees, obscurity sounds magnificent!

By MARowe