Santana needs no introduction. His music has been well-received from the few assorted decades that he has enjoyed immense success. Regardless, his first album, the self-titled classic issued in 1969. It  contained “Evil Ways”, and “Jingo” as the album’s main hits. It’s now 50 years old. Sony Music Japan has opted to celebrate this event with an SACD release of the album using the set’s original 1974 Quad 4-channel mix for multi-channel enjoyment, and a remastered Stereo (for the CD layer – PCM) from the 2-channel mix of the DSD (SACD).

On September 23, the Japan SACD of Santana will be made available to the fans of Santana who use the SACD capacity.  The original Quad artwork will be used for the reissue. A fold-out poster is included. The enclosed booklet will retain the original liner noes, incorporate the 2006 liner notes, and will new 2020 commentary for this release.

Santana (SACD/PCM – DSD 4-channel Quad/Stereo Hybrid) – Santana

01 Waiting
02 Evil Ways
03 Shades of Time
04 Savor
05 Jingo
06 Persuasion
07 Treat
08 You Just Don’t Care
09 Soul Sacrifice

[Thanks to Marc Comfort for he heads-up!]

By MARowe