Formed in 1986 by Sam Rosenthal, Black Tape For A Blue Girl became one of the more unique and compelling bands of the time. With dark and varied explorations long with melancholic and engaging lyrics, the changing band delivered a collection of essential classics across a span of thirty-plus years. The last album released was To touch the milky way (2018). Over recent times, Rosenthal has reissued remastered editions of earlier albums. 

Back in February 28 of 2020. Projekt Records reissued Ashes In The Brittle Air as a remastered (2020) and expanded classic set. (I don’t always catch things when I should.) This reissue adds in a mix of demos and alternate takes. There’s even a remix of the title track in collection of 21 bonus tracks.

Ashes in The Brittle Air was reissued in a 2CD package encased in a 6-panel digipak housing. A 16-page booklet accompanies the package. This 2CD set is limited to 500 copies.

There is a limited edition 140g-weight colored vinyl LP (smokey translucent) made available for vinyl fans of Black Tape For A Blue Girl. It’s limited to only 300 copies.

You can access the purchase links at the Bandcamp site here. The DD tracks are here.

ashes in the brittle air (2020 Remaster with Bonus tracks) – black tape for a blue girl

01 ashes in the brittle air
02 across a thousand blades
03 the touch and the darkness
04 through sky blue rooms
05 the scar of a poet
06 you tangle within me
07 from the tightrope
08 am i so deceived
09 is it love that dare not be?
10 i ran to you
11 i wish you could smile
Bonus Tracks
the sound of waves EP
12 let the rain fall
13 milan
14 the sound of waves
15 i’m spinning
16 griffith park
Demos and Early Mixes
17 ashes in the brittle air (acapella)
18 i’m spinning (demo)
19 the amber girl (through sky blue rooms early version)
20 through sky blue rooms (alternate version – in between mix)
21 through sky blue rooms (alternate version)
22 ashes in the brittle air (demo)
23 we return
24 i’m spinning (acapella)
25 the scar of a poet (demo)
26 from the tightrope (demo)
27 our flesh as one (demo)
28 am i so deceived (demo)
Evolution of a Thousand Blades
29 across a thousand blades (“with trumpets” – late 1987 demo)
30 across a thousand blades (8-11-88 demo)
31 across a thousand blades (acapella)
32 across a thousand blades (2020 mix) 

By MARowe