Norah Jones made a name for herself with her stunning debut album, Come Away With Me (2002). With that, she released the sultry jazzy “Don’t Know Why”. The album went on to win Grammys and other awards. It sold more than 27 million copies worldwide. Subsequent album releases generated excellent sales and more singles, but none matched the affection provided the first.

On May 8, Blue Note Records will release the eighth Norah Jones set, Pick Me Up Off The Floor. It will have 11 songs with collaboration efforts from other artists. Pick Me Up Off The Floor will be released on CD, DD, and 140g-weight vinyl LP. The CD will come housed in a 4-panel softpack with two pockets.

Norah Jones welcomes the new album with the first single, “I’m Alive”.

Pick Me Up Off The FloorNorah Jones
01 How I Weep
02 Flame Twin
03 Hurts To Be Alone
04 Heartbroken, Day After
05 Say No More
06 This Life
07 To Live
08 I’m Alive
09 Were You Watching?
10 Stumble On My Way
11 Heaven Above

By MARowe