The Pretenders arrived in 1979 with a best-selling album that spun three singles, two of them that elevated the band to wide appeal (“Brass In Pocket”, “Stop Your Sobbing”). From there, the band delivered a handful of excellent albums with a nice package of his. Along the way, they lost wo original members to tragedy but added in able musicians to continue the music with.  Today, only Martin Chambers and Chrissie Hynde remain from that epic beginning. With ten albums, The Pretenders remain.

On July 17, The Pretenders return with a new album, Hate For Sale. It will contain ten new tracks. Of those, “The Buzz” emerges as the single for the new album.

Hate For SaleThe Pretenders

01 Hate For Sale
02 The Buzz
03 Lightning Man
04 Turf Accountant Daddy
05 You Can’t Hurt A Fool
06 I Didn’t Know When To Stop
07 Maybe Love Is In NYC
08 Junkie Walk
09 Didn’t Want To Be This Lonely
10 Crying In Public

By MARowe