For fifty plus years, Tangerine Dream created a wide range of music with a collection of extraordinary musicians. Their music is divided and referred to by specific phases. Today, with no original members in the band, this Tangerine Dream version carries on with the Edgar Froese vision. The Thorsten Quaeschning-led crew ably produces music that would give Froese peaceful dreams.

On January 31, Tangerine Dream will issue a new CD with re-created versions of classic era Tangerine Dream songs that include a 2019 edition of “Stratosfear” along with ten others like “Phaedra”.

The new revisitation album is called Recurring Dreams. This could be an important set for Tangerine Dream fans of the classic era to see what can be produced by this lineup.

Recurring Dreams – Tangerine Dream

01 Sequent ā€˜Cā€™ 2019
02 Monolight (Yellow Part) 2019
03 Tangram Set 1 2019 (excerpt)
04 Horizon 2019 Part 1
05 Horizon 2019 Part 2
06 Phaedra 2014
07 Los Santos City Map
08 Claymore Mine / Stalking 2019
09 Yellowstone Park 2019
10 Stratosfear 2019
11 Der Mond ist aufgegangen Part 1 & 2

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