The Moody Blues not only gave the world classic albums during their long-running career, but its collective members also delivered a much loved wealth of solo works. Those works further branched out the unique flavors of the individual talents. The solo efforts arrived in the ’70s during a hiatus period whereby all the members of Moody Blues took time off the band to express themselves more deeply. One of those much-loved music explorations came from John Lodge.

On September 27, BMG will release a twelve-track collection of John Lodge songs including live and studio renditions of Lodge-penned Moody Blues songs, two newly recorded songs, two new 2019 remixes, and some newly remastered tunes from the Lodge catalog, all chosen by John Lodge himself specifically for this set. The new set is being called BYOND – The Very Best of John Lodge.

BYOND will be available on CD and DD. Currently, the release of BYOND is preceded by a previously released but newly remastered single”Street Café” (heard below). The cover is new by Roger Dean.

BYOND – The Very Best of John LodgeJohn Lodge

01 I’m Just A Singer (In A Rock and Roll Band (Live) [Seventh Sojourn – 1972]
02 Summer Breeze, Summer Song (2019 Remix) [Natural Avenue – 1977]
03 In My Mind (New Recording) [10,000 Light Years Ago – 2015]
04 Street Café [Natural Avenue – 1987]
05 (Evening) Time To Get Away [Days Of Future Passed – 1967]
06 Saved By The Music (Live) [Blue Jays – 1975]
07 Legend Of A Mind [In Search Of The Lost Chord – 1968]
08 Say You Love Me (2019 Remix) [Natural Avenue – 1977]
09 Get Me Out Of Here (New Recording) [10,000 Light Years Ago – 2015] 
10 Gemini Dream (Live) [Long Distance Voyager – 1981]
11 Isn’t Life Strange (Live) [Seventh Sojourn – 1972]
12 Ride My See Saw (Live) [In Search Of The Lost Chord – 1968]

By MARowe