Arlo Guthrie has great music pedigree when it comes to “following in the footsteps of…”. His father was the great Woody Guthrie. Back in the ’60s, Arlo made a name for himself with his own brand of protest songs. His remembered works include his one Top-40 hit song, his excellent and memorable cover song of Steve Goodman‘s “City of New Orleans”. His Alice’s Restaurant album has become a standard and is his best known album despite his subsequent releases of more than fifteen titles.

On August 23, Omnivore Recordings will release a 50th Anniversary Edition of the classic soundtrack album, Alice’s Restaurant. this was issued after the release of the 1969 film. This new reissue will feature all of the original tracking songs found on both the original 1969 soundtrack album, and the 1998 update. This 50th Anniversary update will add in a previously unreleased 24-minute live version of “Alice’s Restaurant: Multi-Color Rainbow Roach Affair” from 1968. 

The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 50th Anniversary will add in a booklet with photos, film image shots, new notes, and a new interview with Arlo Guthrie. This 50th Anniversary of the OMPS of Alice’s Restaurant will be offered on CD, DD, and vinyl LP with gatefold jacket.

Alice’s Restaurant OMPS (50th Anniversary) – Arlo Guthrie

Original Tracks
01 Traveling Music
02 Alice’s Restaurant Massacree, Pt I
03 The Let Down
04 Songs To Aging Children
05 Amazing Grace
06 Trip To The City
07 Alice’s Restaurant Mssacree, Pt II
08 Crash Pad Improvs
09 You’re A Fink
10 Harps and Marraige
Bonus Tracks
11 Opening Credits (Amazing Grace)
12 Travelin’ Guitars
13 Café Harris Rag
14 Revival Meeting (Amazing Grace)
15 Alice’s Restaurant  Radio Jingle
16 Pastures of Plenty (Vocal: Pete Seeger)
17 Car Song (Vocal: Pete Seeger and Arlo Guthire)
18 Big City Garbage
19 Wedding Festivities
20 Farewell (Alice’s Restaurant)
21 End Title (Amazing Grace)
Previously Unissued Bonus Track
22 Alice’s Restaurant: Multi-Color Rainbow Roach Affair (1968) [Vocal: Arlo Guthrie with Gene Shay]

By MARowe