One of the essential bedrock elements of Rock is its infatuation of Folk music. From all corners of the world, Folk helps deliver important parts of a widely acceptable format. One of the current strong names of Folk is Devendra Banhart. Banhart is a singer-songwriter with an impressive array of best-selling albums to his name. From his debut, The Charles C Leary (2002) until his last album, Ape In Pink Marble (2016), with its delicate collection of songs, Devendra Banhart is a musically savvy writer of songs that warmly get inside your head for a lengthy but welcomed visit.

On September 13, Nonesuch Records will offer the latest from Devendra Banhart. The new album is called Ma and will deliver thirteen potential gems.   

Ma will be released on CD, DD, and vinyl LP. There will be a Limited Edition Clear vinyl LP offered via Nonesuch Store that will be numbered and signed (here). All pre-orders, including CD, LP, and limited edition clear vinyl LP, will get a free signed print of the album cover designed by Banhart, as well as free DD and an instant download of the in current release single, “Kantori Ongaku” (video below). 

MaDevendra Banhart

01 Is This Nice?
02 Kantori Ongaku
03 Ami
04 Memorial
05 Carolina
06 Now All Gone
07 Love Song
08 Abre Las Manos
09 Taking A Page
10 October 12
11 My Boyfriend’s In The Band
12 The Lost Coast
13 Will I See You Tonight?

By MARowe