For over 50 years, Iggy Pop has been a recognizable Rock artist, if always on the peripheral. Nevertheless, one cannot avoid his continuned exuberance for the art of Rock and Roll. For me, few does stage like this guy does. With a history with The Stooges, and a good solo career, Iggy Pop still brings it.

On June 28, Caroline Records will revisit early Iggy Pop with the reissue of 1982’s Zombie Birdhouse. this album does not lose the Iggy style but plays with a different sound than his previous five solo sets. Zombie Birdhouse is newly remastered. The reissue will provide a booklet with new essay and a series of rare photos from the original photoshoot for this album.

Zombie Birdhouse will be reissued on CD, DD, and vinyl LP.

By MARowe

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