Progressive Epics. Classical Suites. Extended Jazz Improvisations. Some songs are just long, y’know—a matinee feature all to themselves. In this ongoing series, MusicTAP presents the best of long-form musical accompaniment for your weekend moods.

“The Celluloid Road” is the Prog Epic equivalent of a Crosby/Hope Road Picture and features a similar free-flowing, jaunty restlessness. From Die Hard 2 to Star Trek IV to North By Northwest, and from movie posters in England’s own HMV to church signs along the United States’ highways, the music shifts as frequently as the locales. Celebrating America through the nation’s own self-expression in television and film mythologies, Andy Tillison and The Tangent turn in a smile-inducing composition that manages subtle poignancy amidst the myriad pop culture references. Who said TV rots your brain?

By Craig E. Bacon

Husband, Father, Philosopher, Music/Beer/Comics Enthusiast—Craig has written for The Prog Report and ProgRadar, and now serves as de facto progressive music editor for MusicTAP. Please direct interview requests & review submissions to [email protected]