Yes, we’ve seen it often before. The creation of a new ‘best of’ for Emerson, Lake and Palmer is a tested flashback for quite a few labels. But we’re there again (plus, I’m taking the opportunity to sneak in another impending release.)

On June 14, BMG will release Fanfare, a ten-track collection of familiar (and loved) ELP songs (see tracklist below). This set will be budget-priced and is aimed at a newer audience needing an introduction to the band. With Carl Palmer’s ELP Legacy Tour (on a ticket with Yes) in swing, new folks being introduced to ELP music will likely need a short jump-start collection: Fanfare will be there.

(And speaking of Yes, watch for the release of Yes 50 Live in 4LP and 2CD  packages, currently expected in July. No word on whether this is a broad package pulling from decades of live performances, or whether this merely represents the band as it’s currently established. More on this soon.)

Fanfare: The Best of Emerson, Lake & PalmerEmerson, Lake & Palmer (ELP)

01 Knife-Edge (2012 Remaster)
02 Lucky Man (2012 Remaster)
03 Tarkus: II. Stones Of Years (2012 Remaster)
04 Nutrocker (Live at Newcastle City Hall – 1971)
05 The Great Gates Of Kiev (Live at Newcastle City Hall – 1971)
06 From The Beginning (2015 Remaster)
07 Jerusalem (2014 Remaster)
08 Karn Evil 9 1st Impression – Part 2 (2014 Remaster)
09 Tank (2017 Remaster)
10 Fanfare For The Common Man 


By MARowe