Sad news arrived on a Monday morning with announcement of the passing of Keith Flint, lead vocalist for the UK electronic group The Prodigy. He was 49 years old.

Flint sang on the group’s two 1996 UK number one singles – “Firestarter” and “Breathe.” He was also the lead singer of his own band Flint.

The death is under investigation and a formal cause of death has not been announced. Speculation has developed, fueled in part by another member of The Prodigy, Liam Howlett.

While The Prodigy released several albums over the years, including 2018’s No Tourists, they were best known for the 1997 album, The Fat of the Land and for Flint’s striking appearance, particularly in the video for the album’s breakout hit, “Firestarter.” That song featured samples from The Breeders’ “S.O.S.” and The Art of Noise’s “Close (To The Edit).”

By Dw Dunphy

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