For the early progressive fans, the name of Pete Hammill is no look up exercise. Still attached to the impressive works of Van der Graaf Generator, and still pursuing what is now a storied and legendary solo career, Pete Hammill has impressively released over fifty full length albums, thirteen of which are with Van der Graaf Generator. It’s easy to say that Pete Hammill’s name is as recognized as the recognition of Van der Graaf Generator, if not even more so.

On March 29, there will be an 8CD Box of live material from Pete Hammill that will cover the songs from his richly padded career of music. During his last tour, Hammill made it a priority to explore his full career of songs by playing a collection of over 100 songs in live settings from November 2017 through May 2018. The results are being collated into this new box being called Not Yet, Not Now.

This new boxed set will feature 98 songs. Each CD of this 8CD box will represent an hour’s worth of performance music. A 28-page booklet will be packed in that will explore those tour dates with plenty of photos and notes.

Not Yet, Not Now will be offered as a limited set. When they’re gone, they’re gone.

Not Yet, Not NowPete Hammill

01 Just Good Friends
02 Mirror Images
03 Faculty X
04 Comfortable
05 Rubicon
06 La Rossa
07 Patient
08 The Lie
09 The Descent
10 A Better Time
11 Your Time starts Now

01 Siren Song
02 Too Many of my Yesterdays
03 Time Heals
04 The Comet
05 Time for a change
06 Sign
07 Last Frame
08 Anagnorisis
09 The Unconscious Life
10 Labour of Love
11 Stranger Still
12 Again

01 My Room
02 This side of the Looking-glass
03 Unrehearsed
04 If I could
05 Ship of Fools
06 Girl to the North Country
07 Out of my Book
08 Sitting Targets
09 Been Alone so Long
10 Bubble
11 Losing Faith in Words
12 Your Tall Ship
13 Vision

01 Empire of Delight
02 Bravest Face
03 Close to Me
04 Yoga
05 What’s it Worth?
06 My Unintended
07 Once You Called Me
08 Come Clean
09 The Mercy
10 A Way Out
11 On Deaf Ears
12 Still Life

01 Curtains
02 Shell
03 The Mousetrap
04 Nothing Comes
05 Amnesiac
06 Something about Ysabel’s Dance
07 The Habit of the Broken Heart
08 Slender Threads
09 Primo on the Parapet
10 Milked
11 Time to Burn
12 Traintime
13 Sleep Now

01 Don’t Tell Me
02 Tenderness
03 His Best Girl
04 Happy Hour
05 Shingle Song
06 Our Eyes give it Shape
07 The Birds
08 Like Veronica
09 Central Hotel
10 Gone Ahead
11 Reputation
12 Refugees

01 Easy to Slip Away
02 Autumn
03 4 Pails
04 I will Find You
05 The Second Hand
06 Charm Alone
07 Driven
08 The Sphinx in the Face
09 Modern
10 Silver
11 Mean while my Mother
12 What Lies Ahead
13 Afterwards

01 After the Show
02 Confidence
03 Undone
04 Ophelia
05 Skin
06 Torpor
07 Stumbled
08 When She Comes
09 Friday Afternoon
10 That wasn’t what I said
11 In the End
12 House with no Door

By MARowe