In 1978, Cat Stevens released his final A&M album, Back To Earth, before his disappearance from the music world, which ended some 30 years later with the release of his 2006 re-entry title, An Other Cup, under the name of Yusuf Islam. Back To Earth didn’t chart as well as a Cat Stevens album would be expected to chart. But that doesn’t dismiss the charm of the album. Bu without a single and an accompanying  support tour, the album appealed only to his fan base.

On May 3, a Super Deluxe Edition of Back To Earth will arrive in several forms, all of them featuring a newly remastered version (at Abbey Road Studios). Depending on the form you purchase it, there will be a collection of live tracks, demos, and two previously unheard outtakes.

The Super Deluxe Edition will supply five CDs (original album remastered, original Stereo mix, a CD of demos, live tracks, and two outtakes, a copy of his brother’s 1978 album, Alpha/Omega, a CD of his  1979 UNICEF Year Of The Child London appearance), a Blu-ray that contain the 1978 UNICEF show and the original album in Hi-Resolution, and 2 LPs, one the original album remastered, and the other with the UNICEF live set. A 50-page hardbound book is packed into a sturdy box that adds in bonuses like a tote bag, bamboo cutlery set with straw, tee shirt, badge, patch, embroidered scarf, Back To Earth patch, a seed pack, pencil, and lyric sheet.

Other, more accessible versions include a 2CD Set with original album remastered, and the additional disc of live, demos, and unheard tracks. A single CD is available as well. The album sets will be available also as vinyl LP, both black, and a limited edition ‘rosewood’ color vinyl LP. there will be variations of the Super Deluxe Box as well.

By MARowe