Tribute albums can be interesting artifacts. They can be horrible; they can be beautiful. What is essential to almost every tribute arrival is that they come from respect. One of the more interesting arrivals in some time is coming for Chris Squire of YES fame. Chris passed from us in 2015 after leaving behind an enduring body of work, most with the band he helped start.

YES is a band of turmoil these days with two factions battling for stage presence. We’ll avoid the preferences today. However, since the band’s beginnings in the ’60s up to now, they still persevere and provide enjoyment. Chris Squire was an essential element of the band.

On November 9, a twelve track salute to Chris Squire will arrive and deliver music from such artists as Todd Rundgren, Jon Davison & Patrick Moraz, Annie Haslam, David Sancious  Steve Stevens, Steve Hogarth & Larry Fast, Jon Davison & Tony Kaye, Steve Porcoro & Steve Hackett, and more (See track-list below). The set is being called A Life In Yes – The Chris Squire Tribute.

With songs revisited like “Roundabout”, “The Fish”, “Onward”, “South Side of the Sky”, “Parallels”,  “Owner of A Lonely Heart”, “Don’t Kill The Whale”, and more, you should be thoroughly entertained. There’s even a bonus Chris Squire track of him covering Pink Floyd’s “Comfortably Numb”.

A Life In Yes – The Chris Squire Tribute

01  On The Silent Wings of Freedom (Jon Davison, Patrick Moraz)
02 Hold Out Your Hand (Steve Hogarth, Larry Fast)
03 Onward (Annie Haslam)
04 South Side of the Sky (David Sancious, Steve Stevens)
05 The Fish (Sonja Kristina)
06 The More We Live – Let Go (Steve Porcaro, Steve Hackett)
07 – Parallels  (Jon Davison, Tony Kaye)
08 Owner of a Lonely Heart (Nikki Squire,  Dweezil Zappa)
09 Roundabout (Todd Rundgren, John Wesley, Tony Kaye)
10 Don’t Kill the Whale (Candice Night, Brian Auger)
Bonus Tracks
11 The Technical Divide (The Prog Collective)
12 Comfortably Numb (Chris Squire )


By MARowe