Marissa Nadler is one of those beautiful, haunting voices that stay with you for quite some time. With an acoustic backing, the songs are a travel into a dream with tales of heartbreak, adventure, and the hopes of our lives, Marissa Nadler delivers songs that speak to our inner turmoil and dreams using folk styled music.

Marissa Nadler released her first album in 2004, eventually hooking up with the essential Sacred Bones label (for US distribution), and Bella Union (for UK distribution. Bella Union is owned and run by Cocteau Twins’ Simon Raymonde). Her previous album, Strangers, was released in 2016.

On September 28,  Marissa Nadler will release her newest album, For My Crimes. The new album will contain eleven new Marissa Nadler tracks that should, like her past work, become essentials for fans. She has released a single from the album (heard below) of the album’s title track. For My Crimes will be her eight full-length album.

For My Crimes will be released on CD, DD, and vinyl LP. There will also be a limited issue ‘Dove and Crow’ marbled vinyl edition with only 400 copies pressed. These will be hand-numbered and will featured an alternate wrap around sleeve with an art print insert. The limited edition LP will be wax-sealed and will be available only here (via mail-order).

For My CrimesMarissa Nadler

01 – For My Crimes
02 – I Can’t Listen To Gene Clark Anymore
03 – Are You Really Going To Move To The South?
04 – Lover Release Me
05 – Blue Vapor
06 – Interlocking
07 – All Out Of Catastrophes
08 – Dream Dream Big In The Sky
09 – You’re Only Harmless When You Sleep
10 – Flame Thrower
11 – Said Goodbye To That Car

“Drive” from July (2014)
‘Do you remember all the words to every song you ever heard?’


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