One of the most criminally underrated guitarists is Rory Gallagher. With a career that started with Taste, Gallagher soon was solo after a breakup left him little choice. His first album was self-titled and released in 1971. Over the course of his short life span (he succumbed to liver organ failure a the age of 47 in 1995), he left a wonderful string of eleven solo albums and four live albums. It has been said that Gallagher was the requested replacement for Mick Taylor after Taylor left The Stones. Of course, that enviable position went to Ron Wood.

On March 16, Universal UK will reissue select Rory Gallagher studio and live albums on both CD and vinyl LP. These are not Anniversary sets nor are they Special Editions. There will be no bonus tracks. They are remastered, I’m sure, for vinyl reissue but will be made available on bare bones CD sets. These will include:

  • Rory Gallagher (1971)
  • Tattoo (1973)
  • Calling Card (1976)
  • Defender (1987)
  • Irish Tour ’74 (1974) CD only
  • Against The Grain (1975)
  • Live! in Europe (1972)
  • Photo Finish (1978)
  • BBC Sessions (1999) CD Only
  • Deuce (1971)
  • Top Priority (1979)
  • Notes From San Francisco (2011, Posthumous)
  • Stage Struck – Recorded Live (1980)

Previously, the first six Rory Gallagher albums were released as 40th Anniversary remasters in 2012.

By MARowe