When Tanya Donelly left Throwing Muses (and The Breeders), she formed a band called Belly. During the ’90s, Belly did nice business but only released two albums. After her tenure with Belly, she crafted solo sets, interspersed with a reunion here and there. This year, she reunites with Belly and has a new album set for release.

On May 4, the reformed Belly with all original members will release their long-awaited third album, Dove. Dove will provide eleven new songs.

Dove is scheduled for issue on CD, DD, color and black vinyl LP sets.

As it is with many bands these days, PledgeMusic is a part of the band’s new album. 4AD artists were – and still are – some of the indie world’s great, and often underappreciated bands.

(There is no cover art as of yet.)


By MARowe