Carly Simon has an impressive catalog of twenty-three studio albums including Never Been Gone, an acoustic re-record of her classic hits. A few years back, it was noted that she signed a deal that included her current catalog (as far as I understand). With that announcement, I had a lot of hope that there would be magnificent editions of her great albums including No Secrets, Anticipation, and her self-titled album that started it all off with “That’s The Way I’ve Always Heard It Should Be”. Of course, none of that came to fruition. For whatever reasons, Never Been Gone was the last album we received. That was back in 2009…eight long years ago. But…

On October 27, Hot Shot Records, a division of UK’s great Cherry Red Records’ umbrella labels, will release a 2CD 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition of Coming Around Again. Coming Around Again was responsible for a resurgence of interest in Carly Simon after a steady decline of sales over five releases (Spy – 1979, Come Upstairs – 1980, Torch – 1981, Hello Big Man – 1983, and Spoiled Girl – 1985). Coming Around Again, a clever title for the unexpected resurgence, was released in 1987 on a new label (Arista Records), and gave her a well-deserved platinum record with two Grammy noms to go along with it.

The album generated four strong singles (“Coming Around Again”, “Give Me All Night”, “The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of”, “All I Want Is You”) that, along with a televised live special from Martha’s Vineyard, gained a new fanbase. (I should know as this edition of Carly Simon won the attention of my daughter, who may have played the CD more than I had!) The album also received strong FM play of”Two Hot Girls (On A Hot Summer Night)”.

This new 30th Anniversary Edition will feature new remastering, six bonus studio cuts, and eleven live performance tracks (see list below). An interview with Carly Simon is included.

Coming Around Again (30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition) – Carly Simon

CD1 (Original Album, Bonus Track Inclusions):
01. Coming Around Again
02. Give Me All Night
03. As Time Goes By
04. Do the Walls Come Down
05. It Should Have Been Me
06. The Stuff That Dreams Are Made of
07. Two Hot Girls (On a Hot Summer Night)
08. You Have to Hurt
09. All I Want Is You
10. Hold What You’ve Got
11. Itsy Bitsy Spider
Bonus Tracks
12. Raining
13. The Wives Are in Connecticut
14. If It Wasn’t Love (From “Nothing in Common”)
15. Let the River Run (From “Working Girl”)
16. Sleight of Hand
17. Give Me All Night (12″ Extended Remix)

CD2 (Live: Carly in Concert – Coming Around Again):
01. Nobody Does It Better
02. You’re So Vain
03. It Happens Everyday
04. Anticipation
05. The Right Thing to Do
06. Do the Walls Come Down
07. You Belong to Me
08. Two Hot Girls (On a Hot Summer Night)
09. All I Want Is You
10. Coming Around Again/Itsy Bitsy Spider
11. Never Been Gone


By MARowe