Morrissey forged a name not only for the band he fronted, The Smiths, but also for himself. His appearance as a strong frontman to a great musical band, filled with engaging angst expressed by well-written lyrics. The Smiths were only able to eek out four studio efforts (The Smiths – 1984. Meat Is Murder – 1985, The Queen Is Dead – 1986, and Strangeways, Here We Come – 1987) before succumbing to the wiles of Rock. But in that time, they issued a handful of singles that, when coupled with deep tracks from the albums, and a few non-album songs, have filled many a collection.

Following the demise of The Smiths, Morrissey has released a string of excellent albums, many which landed in the UK charts in the Top Ten region. His first, Viva Hate, was released in 1988. His most recent was World Peace Is Non Of Your Business (2014).

On November 17, BMG Records will released a new album by Morrissey that will be known as Low In High School. As for now, litle else is known about the album, what songs are in it, or even a cover shot. But I do know that the album will be issued on CD, DD, colored vinyl LP, and a limited edition cassette.

By MARowe