For a brief, tumultuous ten-year window beginning in the early ’80s, the band known as Gene Loves Jezebel rose and diminished , leaving a string of loved songs. Initiated with the concept of identical twin brothers performing Rock n Roll, that blend eventually gave way to misconceptions and unusual expectations that led to the band’s end. Nevertheless, it is their excellent catalog that we hold dear these days. I especially hold closer to my heart, the Michael Aston-less albums that include Kiss Of Life (1990), and the under-appreciated Heavenly Bodies (1993). In 1997, Jay reconvened for VII, while Michael produced three underwhelming (in my estimation) albums using the name of Michael Aston’s GLJ. Since then, Jay has explored his own Rock n Roll using several models of display and production.

On September 15, the Jay Aston-led Gene Loves Jezebel will release their next album. This band still has the legacy members intact that include James Stevenson, Pete Rizzo, and Chris Bell. The new album is being called Dance Underwater. It was produced by long-time GLJ producer, Peter Walsh.

Dance Underwater is being fan-funded via PledgeMusic, and will be released on CD, DD, and vinyl LP via Restricted Release and Westworld Recordings in the US and UK. Dance Underwater will feature ten new songs. Currently, a single (“Summertime” is in release ahead of the album release (listen below).

I like the single!


By MARowe