Bronski Beat, although short-lived as a band, left a lasting mark in the annals of great music. Considered synth-pop in the era where synth-pop was at its height as an artistic form. Their first album was The Age of Consent, issued in 1984, the album produced three singles including UK chart-topper, “Smalltown Boy”, and followed by “Why?”, and “It Ain’t Necessarily So”. After this album, Jimmy Somerville would leave Bronski Beat. The band would replace him with John Foster for album number two, Truthdare Doubledare (1986). The band would go through several changes thus diluting the musical flavor that made them so popular to begin with, Recently, the band would explore new territory with two others as well as founding member Steve Bronski.

On August 28, the band will release their 4th album, The Age Of Reason. It will contain reworked versions of their debut tracks from The Age of Consent, and will add in three brand new songs that include”Stars”, a cover of the Sylvester tune, and “I’ll Be Gone”. There will be a Deluxe Edition that will add in a collection of edits and remixes.

The Age Of Reason – Bronski Beat 

1. Why?
2. No More War/ It Ain’t Necessarily So
3. Screaming
4. Love And Money
5. Smalltown Boy
6. Heatwave
7. Junk
8. Need A Man Blues
9. Close to The Edge
10. Hard Rain
11. Run From Love
12. A Flower For Dandara

CD2 (Deluxe Edition):
1. Stars (Radio Edit)
2. Stars(Extended Mix)
3. Stars (Sordid Soundz Remix)
4. STARS (Qubic Cosmic Energy Extended Mix)
5. STARS (S.S. Darkstar Mix)
6. I’ll Be Gone
7. I’ll Be Gone (Dub & Dusted Mix)
8. I’ll Be Gone (Stompin’ Stilleto Mix)
9. I’ll Be Gone (S.S. Down & Out Mix)
10. A Flower For Dandara (Radio Edit)
11. A Flower for Dandara (Sordid Soundz Remix)
12. A Flower For Dandara (Extended Mix)
13. A Flower For Dandara (Sordid Soundz Extended Mix)


By MARowe