If you listened to Genesis at any point prior to …And Then There Were Three (1983), then you fondly remember the guitar-work of Steve Hackett. After a long, and sometimes frustrating journey with the band, Steve Hackett left to pursue a solo career. His first would be Voyage Of the Acolyte, released in 1975, released before his departure. It performed well for Steve Hackett, which made leaving Genesis an easier decision. His next was a post-Genesis release. That album, Please Don’t Touch was released in 1978. Since, Hackett has released more than 30 titles┬áincluding live albums and classical music sets.

On March 24, his current label, InsideOut Music, will release The Night Siren. This new album will feature ten new tracks of commentary encased in Hackett’s usual blend of great music.

The Night Siren will be released on CD, a gatefold 2LP vinyl edition, DD, and a Special Ediion CD/BD (Blu-ray) edition with the album also available on 5.1 Surround tracks. The video portion of the Blu-ray disc will feature a ‘making of’ documentary.

The Night Siren – Steve Hackett

01. Behind the Smoke
02. Martian Sea
03. Fifty Miles from the North Pole
04. El Ni├▒o
05. Other Side of the Wall
06. Anything but Love
07. Inca Terra
08. In Another Life
09. In the Skeleton Gallery
10. West to East


By MARowe