jean-michel-jarre-oxygene-3Jean-Michel Jarre released his Oxygéne classic back in 1976. What set it apart from his previous two (both that I was completely unaware of until I heard his original Oxygéne) was his new involvement in the emerging minimalist style of the time (a style still in full swing). Over time, Oxygéne helped to establish Jean-Michel Jarre as a composer of note, and not to be ignored. Since Oxygéne, Jarre has released well over fifteen albums, including an Oxygéne II (titled Oxygéne 7-13). That 1997 set was meant as a true sequel to the original.

On December 2, Jean-Michel Jarre, completely inspired, will release the next step in the Oxygéne movement, Oxygéne 3. It was created while Jarre created his two Electronica albums between the period of 2015 and 2016. An idea led to the recording of what has since been titled “Oxygéne 19”. With that inspiration leading the charge, Jean-Michel Jarre recorded the other six tracks that provide a bridge to the previous two. With seven musical pieces (“Oxygéne 14 – Oxygéne 20), we will have access to what is considered the conclusion of the imagined Oxygéne trilogy (I hope for more even before I hear these tracks). A coffee table book featuring Oxygéne is also planned.

Oxygéne will celebrate its 40th Anniversary on December 12.

Oxygéne 3 will be issued on CD, DD, and vinyl LP. The three titles will also be offered as a complete boxed set with all three works on CD and vinyl LP.

(Thanks to Pat for the heads up!)


By MARowe