Ages To Ages Something To RuinMusic is a long, long running addiction for me. I listen to way more of it than I should, which seriously reduces my time to fully appreciate the classics and any new artists that I find to be of worth. But the other side of it is that I can find new bands and artists that are worth more than a single listen. One of the new bands that I’ve run across is Ages and Ages.

Ages And Ages is a band from Portland, OR. that employ a delightful harmonic sound to all of their songs. The songs are Pop/Rock-oriented by design. At times, they have a cool retro ’60s quality that warms the synapses as you listen. If you are somewhat familiar with early Coldplay, then you have a sense of what Ages and Ages can sound like at times.

On their newest album, Something To Ruin, which was released on August 19, there is a strong experimentation within its grooves. Electronic layers, with touches of musical quirkiness, all blended in with a church-like chorus of voices makes for an interesting listen. As mentioned before, with their occasional ’60s-styled harmonies (“Something To Ruin”, “All Of My Enemies”), their new album is a treat waiting to be fully enjoyed. And with songs like “They Want More”, the catchy Modest Mouse-like pop tune that begins the album, it’s easy to be lured in.

Something To Ruin uses the theme of a wasting world returning to nature, and rampant, trespassing greed. It’s available on CD, DD, and vinyl LP via Partisan Records.


By MARowe