Black Tape For A Blue Girl These Fleeting MomentsBack in 1986, a band by the name of Black Tape For A Blue Girl graced the music sphere with a lush, ethereal blend of Neo-classicism within the realm of Rock. Fused with violin, and the brooding keyboard work of Sam Rosenthal, and voiced by several melancholy vocalists in various incarnations, Black Tape for A Blue Girl gained steadily in notoriety. To distribute their recordings, Sam Rosenthal began the now world famous Projekt Records, home to many artists of the gothic/darkwave genres.

Black Tape for A Blue Girl has released ten titles beginning with The Rope (1986). The last recorded music of the band was 10 Neurotics, released in 2009. The band has experimented with a number of styles including Dark Cabaret, a style that emerged more than a decade ago. If you were to ask me, I’d say that their masterpiece, thus far, is Remnants Of A Deeper Purity, issued in 1996, and reissued twice in 2CD Anniversary Editions (2006, 2016).

On August 12, Black Tape For A Blue Girl returns with a brand new album. Called These Fleeting Moments, the title is a fitting one for the band’s 30 years of existence. For this album, the band will have Oscar Herrera, their original vocalist, at the front bringing life to the band’s customary introspective lyrics. Brian Viglione (The Dresden Dolls) adds drums and percussion, while Sam Rosenthal helms the electronic keys, and supplies the moving lyrics that Black Tape is heavily appreciated for. Newcomers include Dani Herrera on vocals, and Nick Shadow on viola.

These Fleeting Moments is said to be cut from the same artistic cloth that formed Remnants Of A Deeper Purity, and 1991’s beautiful A Chaos Of Desire. With thirteen new tracks covering all of 70 minutes, These Fleeting Moments will be a welcome new album.

These Fleeting Moments will be released on CD and DD with a vinyl LP version in the near future. If you’re aware of Black Tape For A Blue Girl, then you’re just as excited. If not, then now is a good time to make your acquaintance.


By MARowe