If there is something that will get me off whatever I’m doing, and fire up the laptop to do a write-up, it’s this piece of news (THANKS to M Judkins for the MetalTalk headline!) This is a new reissue campaign for Uriah Heep that seems to encompass their entire library.

Beginning on September 30, BMG will revisit Uriah Heep with the first 2CD Deluxe Edition of their first album. …very ‘eavy, …very ‘umble from 1970 . That album will feature new remastering, as will all of their titles. In addition to the original album remastered, there will be a selection of bonus tracks that will represent an alternate …very ‘eavy,…very ‘umble, all never previously reissued (see track-list below).

The booklet for the reissue should be quite a feature as well with new notes, essay, and photographs.

But that’s simply not all. The first thing that accompanies the release of their first album 2CD reissue is a 2CD anthology of great Uriah Heep tracks called Your Turn To Remember: The Definitive 1970-1990. It will offer 33 great Uriah Heep tracks that include “Easy Livin'”, “Sunrise”, “Suicidal Man”, “Stealin'”, “Gypsy”, and much more. (I’m a little disappointed that “The Magician’s Birthday” or “Wonderworld” didn’t make the selective cuts but I’m going to be getting those reissues soon enough!)

The entire campaign will benefit by the curating of Mick Box and Ken Hensley. The campaign will run from the debut reissue in latter September on through 2017. (I’ll be sure to let you know of every reissue as it’s announced!)

Uriah Heep Very Eavy Very Umble 2CD Deluxe EditionUriah Heep – …Very ‘Eavy, …Very ‘Umble – 2CD Deluxe Edition

CD1: Original Album Remastered

01 – Gypsy
02 – Walking In Your Shadow
03 – Come Away Melinda
04 – Lucy Blues
05 – Dreammare
06 – Real Turned On
07 – I’ll Keep On Trying
08 – Wake Up (Set Your Sights)


CD2: An Alternate …very ‘eavy, …very ‘umble (All tracks previously unreleased)

01 – Gypsy
02 – Real Turned On
03 – Dreammare
04 – Come Away Melinda
05 – Born In A Trunk
06 – Wake Up (Set Your Sights)
07 – I’ll Keep On Trying
08 – Walking In Your Shadow
09 – Lucy Blues
10 – Born In A Trunk
11 – Magic Lantern
12 – Bird Of Prey (US Alternate Mix)

Uriah Heep – Your Turn To Remember: The Definitive 1970-1990

01. Gypsy
02. Come Away Melinda
03. Bird Of Prey
04. Lady In Black
05. Look At Yourself
06. July Morning – Japanese single edit
07. Easy Livin’
08. The Wizard
09. Sunrise
10. Sweet Lorraine
11. Stealin’
12. Sweet Freedom
13. The Shadows And The Wind
14. Suicidal Man
15. Return To Fantasy
16. Devil’s Daughter

01. Weep In Silence
02. Can’t Keep A Good Band Down
03. Sympathy
04. Firefly
05. Free n’ Easy
06. Free Me
07. Woman Of The Night
08. Come Back To Me
09. It Ain’t Easy
10. No Return
11. Too Scared To Run
12. Chasing Shadows
13. Straight Through The Heart
14. The Other Side Of Midnight
15. Rockarama
16. Poor Little Rich Girl
17. Voice On My TV


By MARowe