Meat Loaf Braver Than We AreNo doubt, many were huge fans of the original Meat Loaf album, Bat Out Of Hell. With all songs written by Jim Steinman, that album went n to historic heights and represented the greatness of that Rock marriage between the performer and the songsmith. Much like Bernie Taupin and Elton John, that merger created memorable songs. That includes the title follow-up, Bat Out Of Hell II: Back Into Hell, released in 1993, more than 15 years after the 40 million-plus selling original title. That follow-up (Meat Loaf’s 6th album) historically sold over 14 million copies on its own.

Jim Steinman rejoins Meat Loaf for their next attempt at history with the release of Braver Than We Are. This new album will feature ten brand new Steinman-penned songs and performed by Meat Loaf. Although the music climate is vastly different, even more so than 1993 was to 1977, I hope that this pairing can once again produce the same kind of magic that they usually deliver.

What makes this release even more exciting is that past vocalists, Ellen Foley, and Karla DeVito will rejoin Meat Loaf for “Going All the Way Is Just The Start”. The song will be the album’s first release single despite the fact that it’s performed in six movements.

Braver Than We Are is planned for release on September 16. And while I don’t mean to be raining on a possible parade, I do wonder why they didn’t just call the new album Bat Out Of Hell V (?): <whatever, whatever>. It certainly didn’t hurt the sales of number 2 and it has a higher visibility. (Just my take.)

Braver Than We Are will be issued on CD, a CD/DVD Deluxe Edition with a Behind The Scenes doc, DD, and vinyl LP.


By MARowe