Johnny Thunders Real Times 1978With a long list of desirable vinyl becoming available ONLY on the Record Store Day holiday, this year scheduled for April 16, there are sure to be one or two worth your standing in a long line for. For me, this year, it’s a Johnny Thunders album that I have to share here, in case you’re a fan. A fan with a need.

While we all wait for a remaster/remix and expansion of Johnny Thunders  1978 classic, So Alone, there are these two vinyl sets that we should pay special attention to. Hopefully, your nearest record store is COOL enough to have these two titles stocked for the event.

Here it is:

Remarquable Records will issue a 10-track 10″ blue-colored EP pressed on 180g-weight vinyl. The disc will be called Real Times. It will feature four unreleased Steve Lillywhite-mixed Thunder tracks. In addition, the set will add in a 20″ x 10″ four page poster insert, as well as a download card for the songs. The album sleeve will contain previously unpublished photos from the 1978 sessions that went into So Alone.

Johnny Thunders 1978

The songs will include the following alternate mixes of songs you know:

Pipeline (alternate mix)
Dead Or Alive (alternate mix)
Great Big Kiss (alternate mix)
Leave Me Alone (alternate version)
So Alone (alternate version)
Daddy Rollin’ Stone (alternate version)
London Boys (alternate mix)
(She’s So) Untouchable (alternate mix)
Subway Train (alternate version)
The Wizard (full length version)

You can access information both here and here.


By MARowe