Alio Montana Holographic CodexAlio Die, an Italian ambient composer has more than a few excellent ambient albums in release including the stunning Echo Passage, released in 1999. That album was released with Vidna Obmana, the ambient name of Dirk Serries. With a new ambient set by Alio Die, called Holographic Codex (announced in December), the classic composer finds his work being shared with Lorenzo Montaná. Montaná is no stranger to the qualified and explored ethereal tones. His music is created with as broad a palette of sound as many of the classic ambient artists that we know today. both current and historically.

With Holographic Codex, Alio Die and Lorenzo Montaná have quite effectively blended their talents to produce seven tracks of eerie, dream-infused music that can easily travel the synapses of the mind, firing imagination along the way to deliver an experience.

Holographic Codex begins with the entry gate of “Muns de Etrah” to get you on the road. By the time you hit the second track, you have been whisked into the frightening disruptions of a horrifying reality complete with mutterings. Eventually, after running through several long pieces, you find yourself in a perturbation of space and time, completely agitated and stirred by the mechanized echos of “Silent Rumon”, a fifteen-minute walkway of fevered thought and visualizations.

The other fifteen-minute plus composition, “Cinta della Breccia Divina” delivers you into the hands of the album’s closer, “Eternal Wisdom”, a spacey work that feels like a float into the loneliness of the galaxy.

Ambient music is a genre that speaks to many by way of its story craft created by the use of sound, and fed directly into the brain, accessing the regions that have its own stored interpretations. This makes ambient a unique experience. Holographic Codex has its collection of stories waiting for you.

Release Date: January 20, 2015
Label: Projekt Records
Availability: (CD, DD)

–Matt Rowe

By MARowe