Jackie Evancho AwakeningThere are some people with extraordinary talent. Most often, those people are easily found simply because great talent cannot remain hidden under a rock, dormant. It demands to be heard. But sometimes, a great talent goes unnoticed until something strange happens. But, As I have said, that kind of talent eventually gets found out. This is true of Jackie Evancho, who was “discovered” an unlikely source, America’s Got Talent.

I have my issues with these kinds of shows. But they’re mine. However, with the magnificent voice of Jackie Evancho having come from the show’s fifth season, I have to say that I’m quite pleased that Miss Evancho is finally on the radar. Also, you should know, that Jackie Evancho is currently only 14 years of age. But with the voice she possesses, it’s clear that she is preternaturally equipped to become one of the greats in music.

On September 23, Sony Masterworks will release the fourth album from the mystical voice that can be heard on “The Rains Of Castamere” from HBO’s Game Of Thrones. That song will be included on this latest album called Awakening. It will join Jackie’s cover of U2’s “With Or Without You” on the set. Awakening will contain 12 tracks.

If you have NOT heard Miss Evancho, may I suggest finding a YouTube or Spotify stream. But please, sit down first. Her voice is not that that of a typical 14 year old. Nor was it a voice of a typical 10 year old either. But she possesses it. And it is magnificent.

Trust me!

By MARowe

9 thoughts on “Sony Masterworks To Release New Jackie Evancho Album With Awakening”
  1. This is one of the greatest voices in the history or recorded music, and indeed the finest voice of her generation.
    As the author says, a talent like this simply could not be hidden from the world.
    Perhaps best of all, Jackie Evancho is a very intelligent but humble, modest human being, who expresses gratitude for all the gifts she has been given.

  2. I agree. I normally do not care for this type of music, but I happened to see a video of her on You Tube and was knocked out. It’s almost unworldly hearing this voice come from such an unlikely source. She truly is amazing. I hope the new album does very well.

  3. Well said! But allow me to say that Jackie may be unnoticed here-and that is a result of the dominance of pop music on the American music scene for many years(Grammy Awards has no Classical section now). She is NOT, however unknown in the rest of the world. She has sung in Russia, Japan and the Philippines, with a new world tour starting after her album is released.

    The fact of the matter is Jackie doesn’t need America for her success. She will soon have more fans in the rest of the world, if she doesn’t have them already.

  4. this is 11 year old Jackie in her 1st PBS great Performance, the biggest fund raiser that year for PBS stations. Her Awakening album will be her 3rd PBS GP. God was showing off when he made Jackie Evancho.

  5. I have been watched Jackie with great interest since watching her debut on AGT. She quite blew me away with her talent at that time and I have never been disappointed. I also am not normally a big fan of her type of music but have made an exception in her case. I am a die-hard classic country fan of Johnny Cash and the like but I have all of Jackie’s albums that I have seen as well as her concert video and just stop what I’m doing when she comes on my player. I do like Barbra Streisand as well, however, and am also a big fan of ‘The Phantom of The Opera’ since seeing it many years ago in St. Louis from the front row. I can very much relate to how she became interested in the music from that show – I did love it although I really wasn’t even looking forward to seeing the production when I went.
    I am really hoping to see her come to Kansas or Oklahoma so I can come see her at that time. I would love to go to her concert in Portsmouth but that really is a LONG way for an old man.

  6. I am convinced that anyone who allowed to see or hear the highlights of Jackie Evancho is tied up and will no more be solved by her.
    This voice surpasses everything I’ve ever heard in my life.
    Your track record to date is a clear statement.

  7. I did not see Jackie on AGT. I heard through a friend. He said “…..you gotta hear this girl…”
    So I went to Youtube. OMG!!!!!! Her tonal quality is beyond beautiful. Her range is huge. And i recently learned that she has a rare ability to see the structure of the music in her head after a single hearing. She is a musical genius.

  8. I also see her in YT and I’m hook up with this lovely kid, who is so good and have the ability to move you, when she sung. She is so cute, beautiful and lovely. Jackie have angelic voice. She is the best among our young singer today, no doubt about it. She have her own unique way of singing, and what a gift, she possess. Take care of that voice, Jackie, that your ticket to stardom!!

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