ELPTrilogyDoing my usual stumbling around on the internet, I ran across an article on SomethingElseReviews where Greg Lake calls Trilogy “their best album”.

This assessment by Greg Lake does not surprise me in the least. Trilogy was a point where the band were perhaps finding their real place in the world of Rock. With their previous albums increasingly huge sound efforts, Trilogy, offered up a few songs that were a step away from the usual fare of ELP. One of those songs is the ┬ábeautifully crafted, folk-tinged “From The Beginning”. It was given good company with other great compositions that still, to this day, stand apart from any other album that the band released.

I always find easy solace with the spinning of Trilogy, especially on my turntable, which provides me an immersive experience not afforded by the CD used in the car. I always want to let the music wash over me, take me to places that aren’t here. Places that previously only existed within the minds of the composers as they evolved the songs from infancy to completion.

With Trilogy, I’m always at ease. I’m pleased to find out that Greg Lake (and I hope Carl Palmer, and Keith Emerson reciprocate the feeling) loved Trilogy.

In the article, he talks about changes in the recording technologies, which allowed for extravagant use in the use of Trilogy. For me, it enhanced the album.

And although we have touched upon this issue before (and I may again), I find Trilogy an ignored classic that is overlooked in favor of (usually) Brain Salad Surgery.

I, for one, anxiously await the new remix of the great Emerson, Lake & Palmer classic.

By MARowe