[UPDATE] – US release date of this Deluxe Edition of Brain Salad Surgery is now scheduled for July 1.

ELPBrainSaladSurgeryMany of us have been waiting patiently for the next in line of the remastered/remixed Emerson, Lake & Palmer albums after the release of their first two.  The two released updates are the eponymous debut, and Tarkus, both remixed by the now becoming legendary, Steven Wilson. Many of us were sad when told that he would not be revisiting the remaining ELP catalog, however those titles are not being ignored in the remix department.

The band’s best received album, Brain Salad Surgery, is now being listed on Amazon UK (I’m sure soon to be released in the US as well), with a date and a brief rundown on what’s to be expected on the reissue.  The new album is remixed by Jakko Jabszyk (King Crimson).

Essentially, there will be two versions of the title being made available.  The made for serious fans super deluxe Edition will come with six discs that include the remastered original album, a second CD being referred to as The Alternate Album (includes several alternate cuts, b-sides, instrumentals, even audio from a flexidisc from NME), a third CD with the Stereo remix of the album, a DVD-Audio featuring 5.1 surround mixes, as well as a high resolution Stereo copy at 96k/24-bit rates, a DVD with footage from their 1973 tour, and a 180g-weight vinyl LP featuring the remastered version of Brain Salad Surgery.

For those not wanting or needing the huge Super Deluxe Edition, there will also be a 3-disc Deluxe Edition Box that will include the remastered original album (CD1), the same Alternate Album CD (CD2), and the DVD-Audio disc with its attendant 5.1 Surround, and hi-res Stereo playback.

The included booklet will be a 20-page set with pictures, new liner notes, and associated memorabilia.  All of the albums will be housed in a 12″ hard-cased Box.

These anticipated reissues of Brain Salad Surgery (hopefully followed closely by Trilogy) will become available in Europe (UK, Germany, France) on May 12.  The US release of Brain Salad Surgery is scheduled for July 1 via Razor & Tie.

Brain Salad Surgery

Original album – remastered

– The Alternate Album – 
01) Karn Evil 9 – Third Impression Original Backing Track
02) Jerusalem First Mix
03) Still …You Turn Me On First Mix
04) Toccata *Previously Unreleased
05) Karn Evil 9 – First Impression (part one) *Previously Unreleased
06) Karn Evil 9 – First Impression (part two) *Previously Unreleased
07) Karn Evil 9 – Second Impression *Previously Unreleased
08) Karn Evil 9 – Third Impression *Previously Unreleased
09) Excerpts From Brain Salad Surgery NME Flexi Disc
10) When The Apple Blossoms Bloom In The Windmills Of Your Mind I’ll Be Your Valentine B-Side Single (K13503)
11) Brain Salad Surgery B-Side Single (K10946)
12) Brain Salad Surgery Instrumental
13) Karn Evil 9 (3rd Impression) Diff Version
14) Karn Evil 9 (3rd Impression) Instrumental

New stereo version of album.

Original album in new 5.1 mix and also @24bit; the new high resolution stereo mixes @ 24bit.

Feature-length documentary featuring highlights of the 1973 World Tour.

180gms heavyweight vinyl of the original album, remastered.

By MARowe

8 thoughts on “[UPDATE] – ELP’s Brain Salad Surgery To Finally Get Released In A Remix With Surround And Stereo”
  1. Just received this email from Burning Shed today:

    Thank you for pre-ordering Brain Salad Surgery – Deluxe from us.
    We have just been advised that the DVD-A/V with this edition does NOT contain 5.1 files.

    5.1 files are only available on the Super Deluxe package:

  2. Hi Matt,

    Can you please get confirmation whether the 5.1 Mixes are on the DVD-A. I am hearing that the 5.1 has been dropped from the Deluxe Edition and now only available on the Super Deluxe Box.


    1. Well, gang. I’ve received email back. It appears that the 5.1 files are now only available for the Super Deluxe Edition. (Now, just let me step out of the way, here!)

      1. Thanks for the confirmation Matt. Thought this was too good to be true.

        I also feel its a little bit of a bait and switch seeing as the previous two ELP releases did include the 5.1


  3. If this correct I’m glad I have my original dvda no way I’m buying super deluxe version for the 5.1 dvda

  4. As you can imagine, the membership at Quadraphonic Quad are all up in arms over this – and rightfully so. A bad move by Sony UK and the band. There’s plenty of blame to go round. Typical major label move – clueless execs walking around with guns pointed at their feet. Unfortunately, the saga continues with the Pink Floyd Division Bell uber deluxe box set which will include a 24/96 5.1 mix on Blu Ray – at over $130 for the set! No surround for the working man!

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