Audio Fidelity, the brainchild of industry legend, Marshall Blonstein, will be announcing the arrival of two new SACDS coming in their SACD series.

Paradise Theater was the tenth studio album from the Chicago band, Styx.  The conceptual album released in 1981 had three big charting hits on it, “The Best Of Times”, “Rockin’ The Paradise”, and “Too Much Time On My Hands”. Paradise Theater was crafted around the fictional Paradise Theater located in Chicago following it from its grand opening on through to the closing of its doors. It explored the changing of taste as time moved forward. For Styx, the album continued to keep Styx at the forefront of a changing Rock era.  Paradise Theater was the band’s best selling album, which might seem strange for some fans.


With Audio Fidelity on the cusp of releasing Behind the Sun, the 1985 Eric Clapton album, in their SACD series, it is sweet for EC fans to know that Journeyman follows.  Released in 1989, Journeyman followed August (which followed Behind the Sun), and was better received than either Behind The Sun, and August. after Journeyman’s release, it would be more than a few years before Eric Clapton returned with an new studio effort.  Journeyman provided a fresh glimpse into the Clapton of old, which pleased many, many fans.


Both SACDs are slated for a date in May.

As an SACD aficionado, I look forward to each new SACD that enters the market.

By MARowe