PinkFloydDelicateSoundOfThunderRecorded In 1988 over five nights at Nassau Coliseum in New York, this live recording with a Waters-less Pink Floyd band was a hit among fans. Released late 1988, just a few miraculous months after the recordings, the live set registered multi-million sales in the US alone.

Tracked with fifteen live son performances that include the likes of “Shine On You Crazy Diamond”, “Money”, “Another Brick In The Wall”, “Comfortably Numb”, and several other Pink Floyd classics including tunes from the  1987 Waters-less album, A Momentary Lapse Of Reason, Delicate Sound Of Thunder is still a beloved set among Pink Floyd aficionados.

Parlophone will reissue Delicate Sound Of Thunder on April 29.  There is little detail available on the set but as more becomes known, I’ll update this post.

Just enjoy the fact that it is coming.

By MARowe

7 thoughts on “Parlophone To Reissue 2CD Delicate Sound Of Thunder From Pink Floyd”
  1. Is this US-bound? I’ve been hearing conflicting things regarding this release. Amazon has it listed through Rhino, others through Warner, etc.

  2. I already have this as a double cd. I wonder if it will be expanded. Or better yet, wasn’t there a vhs of this concert that never made it to dvd or bluray? That would be nice.

    1. No extra bonus bits of any sort. They are simply just putting it back into print in the US. Seems pointless NOT to do anything else, I know. But what can you do.

  3. It was released on vhs and laserdisc,I have the laserdisc it is kind of confusing why this was never released on dvd,also wonder why Pete townshend deep end live hasn’t been released on dvd or Phil Collins no ticket required have the Pete on vhs and the Phil on laserdisc

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