DEVO back in the ’70s were quite the band.  With a quirky style, a frenzied re-imagining of the Stones’ classic, “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction”, and a brave sound, the band that featured Mark Mothersbaugh, and his brother, Bob Mothersbaugh, the brother team of Bob and Gerald Casale, and Alan Myers, DEVO provided great satirical fun and a different way of music and videos.

As a collective group of music listeners, many of us gave our stamp of approval on excellent albums that generated hits like “Whip It”, “Working In The Coal Mine”, and the aforementioned “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction”, as well as a stream of minor hits.

It is sad that on February 17, Bob Casale, a prominent member of the most successful period of DEVO, passed away due to heart failure at the (way) too young age of 61.  He follows the death of Alan Myers, who died last year of cancer at the even younger age of 58.

Like Alan, we will miss Bob Casale.

Rest in Peace, Bob. The Great Band just got better.

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By MARowe